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Skip to nav skip to content university of notre dame college of science niemann-pick type c research understanding npc nd/parseghian partnership conference road to discovery the children's stories current research 2013 parseghian classic donate contact understanding npc niemann-pick type c (npc) is a rare and deadly neurodegenerative disease that primarily strikes children before or during adosolence. An inherited cholesterol metabolism disorder, npc strikes one in every 150,000 children. The national institutes of health refers to npc as “childhood alzheimer’s” because of similarities in the brains of npc and alzheimer’s disease patients. viagra for sale generic viagra viagra online cheap viagra online viagra online buy viagra online viagra for sale buy viagra buy viagra Symptoms can include deterioration of memory and balance, lung and liver failure, delayed motor development, and seizures. The disease usually appears in early childhood, leading to neurological problems that are typically fatal. While there is not yet a specific treatment for npc, supportive therapies are available. These include medications to control seizures, abnormal posturing of limbs, and tremors. Physical, speech, and occupational therapy are also used to help with daily functioning. In addition, europe and canada have approved the drug zavesca® for slowing the progression of npc, but the fda has not yet approved it for npc patients in the united states. The ara parseghian medical research foundation is funding 25 labs researching npc. Because npc is a cholesterol metabolism disorder, the research is also helping those who suffer from heart disease and stroke. Through foundation-sponsored research, the gene responsible for npc1 was isolated in 1997. This discovery revealed a cholesterol pathway in all humans that previously was unknown. Read more about how the ara parseghian medical research foundation and notre dame are working together to develop treatments for npc. For additional information, see the following resources: ara parseghian medical research foundation: about npc the center for rare and neglected diseases at notre dame national institute of neurological disorders and stroke copyright © 2012 university of notre dame niemann-pick type c research 168 hurley hall, notre dame, in 46556 phone: (574) 631-6456 email: niemannpick@nd. Edu. Otein liquid chromatography with an amersham biosciences superose 6 column. Fast protein liquid chromatography fractions, total plasma cholesterol, and bile cholesterol levels were determined using the wako cholesterol cii enzymatic colorimetric method (wako chemicals usa, inc. , richmond, va). Liver cholesterol levels were determined by high performance liquid chromatography essentially as described (9). Real-time quantitative pcr analysis—real-time quantitative pcr analysis was performed as previously descri. ABOUT US

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