Find the lighting equipment you need

A colorful, dramatic lighting design can really set the mood at a concert. If you need to rent lighting equipment for an event, look to us. S & S Audio, L.L.C. can supply the equipment you need to light up your venue, including spotlights, light bars and concert lights.

Make us your first choice for lighting equipment rentals. Our staff is an experienced and professional, so you can trust our recommendations. Contact us today to speak with a lighting specialist.

Shedding light on our product options

Not sure what kind of equipment you need for your event? We can help you figure it out. We have several options available, including:

  • LED lights - a popular and energy-efficient choice
  • CHAUVET products - a quality line with versatile equipment
  • Martin products - one of the most reputable lines of lighting equipment

Questions about our light rental services? We'll be glad to answer them. Call 208-308-1975 now to learn more.